Bangladesh's Leading Pest Control Company

☑ Eco-friendly pest control
☑ Trusted and Experienced Cleaner
☑ 100% Satisfaction Guarantees
☑ Best Service at an Affordable Price

Bangladesh's Leading Pest Control Company

☑ Eco-friendly pest control
☑ Trusted and Experienced Cleaner
☑ 100% Satisfaction Guarantees
☑ Best Service at an Affordable Price

Commercial Pest Control Services

If you have a large commercial space with pests that you can’t get rid of, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you solve the problem.

Service Features:

  • Affordable Price
  • Expert Professionals
  • Non-biodegradable Chemical
  • Odorless Cleaning Chemical
  • No Warranty on (Ant, Mosquito & rodents)
  • Minimum 3 months warranty depends on the service and the price

Estimated Flat Size:

BKH Means: B – Bedroom, K – Kitchen, H – Hall Room

  • 1 BKH Flat – 800 Sq Ft – 1000 Sq Ft
  • 2 BKH Flat – 1000 Sq Ft – 1200 Sq Ft
  • 3 BKH Flat – 1200 Sq Ft – 1600 Sq Ft
  • More Than 3 BKH Flat – 1600 Sq Ft ++

About Pest Control Services

Pest control services are the practice of eliminating or preventing pests, such as insects, flies, rodents, and other animals, from causing damage to, buildings, rooms, yards and other areas, property, or the environment. 

These insects and animals are causing damage to homes, businesses, and public places. There are some insects which carrying some diseases and bacteria’s and those are harmful and create significant damage to the human population. 

Mice, cockroaches, ants, termites, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, moths, wasps, bees, bedbugs, lice, moles, rats, and rabbits are all examples of these pests. Some of these pests hurt people, animals, plants, and other living things in a direct way. For this reason, Pest control services are here too red off these problem for you.

Pest Control Services in Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and for this reason city is a densely populated area, and many people live here. The number of households is increasing rapidly day by day. The people living in Dhaka city are busy with their daily activities.

They spend most of their time in outside because of their jobs, business and others work related activities. And for this reason, they have hardly any time for their indoors and because of it many harmful insects for example flies, spiders, bedbugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches are making their hideout inside of your house.

Spreading various bacteria, and germs because of its people of Dhaka city are suffer a lot of diseases for this reason pest Control Services in Dhaka is needed most. Professionals who deal with pests can help with these problems. They use many different ways to get rid of pests.
Their main job is to make sure that there are no bugs left alive in any part of the house. The most common way to do this is to use insecticides and other products that keep bugs away. Most ways to get rid of pests have been shown to work if they are done right.

Pests like insects and rodents can get in through doors and windows. If you don’t have screens on all of your windows and doors, you will need to put insecticides and insect repellents around them to keep bugs out of your home. Pest control services can also spray insecticide on your walls, ceilings, and doors to keep insects out. If you hire a service to get rid of pests, you will get a free quote. You should ask them if the things they do are safe.

Why Pest Control Services needed in Bangladesh

People can also get sick from pests because they can spread diseases like typhoid and malaria. To keep a healthy environment and protect yourself and your property, it is important to have a pest control service in Bangladesh. 

Pests can cause damage to property. They can even cause diseases, and they can spread germs and diseases. These harmful pests are found in the homes and offices where are crowded most. Many times, they can damage the food we eat.
Pest control services are needed most to keep our environment clean and free of these harmful pests. It is important to get these services for the safety of health of humans and other animals.

Pest control services will help keep insects and other pests away from the premises. Pest control services can be done with pesticides and traps. These methods may seem like a very big deal, but in reality, they are not that hard. It just takes a little time and do it.
In those days, people would not even realize that they had pests around their homes. It was only when the cities became larger that people are facing problem of pest and started to realizing about it. At first, people thought it was because of the growing population in cities. Over time, they discovered that it was because of underestimating the insects.

Pest control service is needed mostly in Bangladesh because of:

  • To save your property and belongings
  • Reduce your health threats
  • Keep your food safe and healthy
    Stress free living
  • Get peace of mind.
  • It will help you keep a hygienic home
  • You can sleep easy knowing your home & family is protected
  • With the help of it in future you can save money.

Why We Are Best Pest Control Services in Bangladesh

Somadhan Ache is a pro at making sure there are no pests around. It’s not just good at getting rid of bugs and other pests, it’s also good at making homes more comfortable.

Our products are safe, harmless, and mild. They have been approved by the World Health Organization and are marked as safe chemicals. So, we work hard to make our customers happy. We believe in the power of team work because we have a great team whom we work with.

You might be looking for Best Pest Control service. Among all local pest control services in Bangladesh we are the best.
We offer a full range of pest control services and preventative measures for offices and different industries, such as agriculture, food, hotels, hospitals, construction, movie theaters, etc. We are one of Bangladesh’s best pest control companies.

Everyone has wondered, “Why pay for professional pest control bd when we could do it ourselves?” Many of us have also tried it and found that it’s not as easy as it seems for pest control companies.

We’ll do our best to make sure that none of you have to learn this lesson the hard way. Here are some good reasons for hiring a professional pest control service in bd.

We are well known for our treatments and those are:

We are Well trained

Somadhan Ache technicians get a lot of training on how to use pesticides and tools properly. We, on the other hand, know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.

We can reach where anyone can’t

Most pests like to get into parts of the house that are hard to get to or that we don’t pay attention to. Professionals who get rid of pests know where to look and how to get there.

We know how to Work

If you don’t know what to look for, it’s easy to mistake one pest for another. People who work in pest control, have the knowledge about how to tell the difference between the different kinds of pests and how to treat them.

We have the best knowledge

In pesticides are often strong chemicals that need to be used carefully and in the right amounts. Professional pest control services Exterminators in Dhaka are very good at figuring out how much pesticide to use to treat an infected area.

We offer better products

Today, when we do pest control in the city of Dhaka, we only use eco-friendly products that are only used by our technicians. These products are much better for the environment around your home than pesticides that you can buy in your area.

We offering more than just treatment

Pest control will not only get rid of the bugs and rodents that are hurting your home, but it will also take steps to keep them from coming back. Exterminating pests only gives short-term relief, which may not even last that long. Dhaka’s pest control services.

We are extra careful during work

If you try to get rid of pests in a sloppy way, they may get angry and do more damage, faster. This could cause damage to property and make health problems worse. Professionals like Somadhan Ache pest control work for your health and well-being in mind. And make sure extra careful during work.

We have the efficiency

If an attempt to get rid of pests doesn’t work, it can hurt people’s health and cost more than it saves. Somadhan Ache has deals on packages that are easy on your wallet, save you time, and keep those pests away.

Offering guaranteed

What’s the best? Companies that get rid of pests offer service guarantees. If you aren’t happy with the results or we weren’t able to get rid of the pests, you can ask us to come back and try again. Service to get rid of pests in Bangladesh.

Top five Reasons Why we are the best Pest Control service in Bangladesh

1. Prevent your Health Threats

Pests like ticks and mosquitoes can give you diseases that can make you very sick or even kill you. It’s important to make sure there is no standing water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs and to check your pets for ticks that might still be in the yard. Lyme disease is spread by ticks, and when you get it, it affects your nervous system. We make sure that ticks and cockroaches don’t make your home their home and those mosquitoes don’t lay eggs in your yards or plant pots. This way, we can keep your health from being in danger.

2. Prevent your Property Damage

Pests like termites can damage your home in a lot of ways. Termites can cause the wood buildings on your property to fall down quickly. Pests like moles could also do a lot of damage to your yard. Moles go digging for food underground and make dangerous tunnels as they eat roots and look for bugs to eat. Rodents can damage your house by chewing holes in walls, ducts, and even cars. We’re using chemical spray to keep them away so that they can’t damage your property anymore. We are pretty much the only answer for them.

3. Make Sour Food Safety:

Pests can destroy the growth of your crops. Keeping your food safe is important whether you have a small garden or a big farm. Also, to keep your health in check, it’s important to keep the food in your pantry safe and free of bugs. Nobody wants to have bugs for dinner. For this reason, here we are to make sour that your food is safe.

4. Let down your Stress level:

Finding different pests in your home all the time can be frustrating. This makes you feel stressed because you have to try to get rid of a pest that probably can’t be gotten rid of. So that Somadhan Ache keeps working to solve these problems and help you feel less stressed.

5. Home defense:

Taking care of pests, yourself is a great way to keep your home in good shape. But you need more help with pest control from professionals to keep your health and safety in good shape.

When do you need to Call a Professional?

In general, hiring a professional to get rid of pest’s costs more in the short run than doing it yourself. But if you don’t deal with your pest problem right away, it can grow into a full-blown infestation.

If this happens, you may spend more money on do-it-yourself solutions than you would have if you had called a professional as soon as you saw signs of an infestation. Read on to learn why hiring a professional pest control service is a good idea.kkkkkkk

Benefits of a Professional Pest Control Service

When people sell their homes, they can often include various pest control services in the sale. Most of the time, a new homeowner can take care of termite treatments and some basic pest control needs on their own.

It’s important to know what’s been done to the house so you can figure out what else needs to be done or kept going. You can call a local home services company to find out how much it will cost to keep your pest control services in good shape.

Professionals Have the Proper Equipment and Training

To get rid of an infestation, you may need special tools and information about how to get rid of the pest you’re dealing with. Most people don’t have these things in their homes. Also, some pesticides might not be available to the general public because they might be hard to use correctly without training or experience. For example, professionals will know how to use insecticides and rodenticides so that you, your family, and your pets are not in danger.

Not only that, but some pests, like mosquitoes and ticks, can spread diseases, and technicians will know how to deal with them and have the right safety gear.

Professionals Can offer you best Pest Control Services

If you don’t have any pest problems right now, you might not be thinking about how to stop them from coming back. A professional pest control company will know how to solve your current problem and help you avoid future ones. During an inspection, for example, a professional can find places where pests can get into your home and give you advice on how to seal these places so that pests can’t get in.

Only Professionals Can give You Peace of Mind

Put it easy that if you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about getting rid of pests yourself. You won’t have to apply and reapply pesticides, check and empty traps, or take down nests, which will save you time and energy. Also, a professional who can take care of the problem quickly will make it much less likely that pests will cause damage to your home or things.

Types of pest control methods We followed:

Let’s take a look at what goes into a typical pest control treatment in Houston. Every company and every case are different. Most of the time, people in the Houston area use four types of methods.

Some of these are more suited for farms and rural properties with animals. But all of the methods we’ve talked about here are important for getting rid of pests in a wide area.


Biological methods of pest control are mostly used on farms and involve putting out the pest’s natural enemy. For example, aphids are a pest that can ruin crops and make it hard to get enough food. Aphids are naturally eaten by ladybugs. So, putting out a steady number of ladybugs and their larvae helps get rid of aphids without hurting the crops.

The result of this way of getting rid of pests is twofold, if the conditions are kept the same, ladybugs will multiply. A new population will grow, so you have a way to keep things under control indefinitely. The other good thing about organic crops is that they don’t need chemicals, which can be expensive and hard to get.

The effectiveness of biological pest control depends on how well the predator can breed and adapt to the new environment. It is a slower way to get rid of pests because you have to wait for them to breed. Also, sometimes the predator ends up being a pest, too. It’s a fine line to walk.

Cultural Control

The most basic way to keep pests away is to make the environment uninhabitable or unwelcoming to them. This could mean using landscaping that makes it hard for pests to get around, planting crops that pests don’t like, or adding things that make them look elsewhere.

For example, you can build a big pile of old wood around the outside of a farm to keep pests away from the crops. Once there are enough bugs around the woodpile to kill, you use pesticides to kill them. But sometimes the pests will leave the distraction and go back to the crops.

Cultural pest control can be useful for preventing pests, but it can’t be used to get rid of pests that are already there. It takes planning, paying attention to how pests move, and knowing the pest you’re trying to get rid of.


In Houston, traps are often used for pest control, and if possible, they are the best way to get rid of rodents. This is because traps can be used more than once and don’t hurt animals very much. Most of the time, this is the best choice if the problem is not dangerous and is just annoying.

Traps can be used to get pests to gather in one place and keep them from running away. After they are caught, they are either moved or killed. A bit of toxicity is added by the bait that is often used.

Sticky traps, on the other hand, are non-toxic and use a large sticky pad placed in a busy area. When insects or other pests walk on the sticky pad, they get stuck there until they die or are freed. This works very well against mice, lizards, centipedes, and other small pests.

Pesticides And Chemical Pest Control

Pesticides and other chemicals are probably the most common and widely used method. It’s easy, usually gives quick results, and is very safe when used and mixed by a professional in the right way.

As with any chemical, it can be dangerous for an untrained person to mix or use the wrong amount. This is why it’s important to learn as much as you can about the pest control company you might hire. Make sure they have the right licenses, insurance, and bonds, and that the technicians they send are also qualified.

There will always be a cat and mouse effect, no matter what pest you are trying to get rid of. What we mean is that some pests will be killed by pesticides, but some will build up a resistance. This is why chemical pest control is always changing in order to keep up with new pests.

One pest that is hard to kill with pesticides is the cockroach, which is a common problem in Houston. Yes, they do get bigger, meaner, and more daring here.

How You Contact with Us:

You can contact via Whatsapp or Phone Call.

What industries we served:


We can get rid of all pests in your apartment in just a few days. Different measurements will be taken based on how the unit is built.


If you have problems with bugs in your hotel room, we can help you get rid of all of them, even the ones that are hard to get rid of. We will take action against pests based on how big they are.


The place where people’s lives are changed the most. With this in mind, our special task force for hospital areas is put in charge of these areas. So, we need to make sure that pest must not make their living place there.


Rather than hospitals, other health care facilities may also need our services. We will gladly give that information to doctors and patients so that they can get the best care possible.


All schools, colleges, universities, and other places of learning agree with our plans. Pests must be removed from the learning environment in order to protect the children, and we are employing a variety of methods to accomplish this.


When raw materials, other corrosives, and pesticides are mixed in a factory, an explosion can happen. It’s important to know that we take good care of these sites.


In a place where food is made and eaten, health should be a top priority there. Leave it to us to clean your food property of pests from now.


During this tough time, it is hard to keep a job or a business going, so we are very worried about the office areas. So, we must provide our services to office area to save the office property and employees health.

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